Pastor's Corner

Pastor Mark Tinsley

Mark Tinsley takes the term “Renaissance man” to a whole new level.  A poet, pastor, musician, luthier, soldier, and professor, Mark’s diverse interests and accomplishments allow him to engage with people in all walks of life.  Mark has lived into his own story, learning from his many varied experiences to live with purpose, courage, and conviction.  He makes it a principal goal to share the steps he has taken toward victory in his own life to propel others to the same worthy ends.

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Pastor Mark is a John Maxwell Team (JMT) certified trainer, speaker, and coach.  Click above to go to his JMT webpage for more information.

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The Message is a short, weekly podcast intended to provide spiritual edification, encouragement, and inspiration.  We hope you find it to be all of these things!

Quest for Love Tour

Pastor Mark is the drummer and lead speaker for a music ministry called Quest for Love.  To learn more or to book the Quest for Love Tour for your church or event, click below.