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Summer Camp for Kids

Rhodes Grove Camp

Each summer, Jerusalem Chapel provides an opportunity for boys and girls to attend a week of summer camp at Rhodes Grove Camp in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  Campers are encouraged to learn more about God’s Word, experience new activities, get to know new friends, and learn new skills, such as archery, horsemanship, swimming, and rocketry. Opportunities are also available for adult and teen staff (i.e., counselors, wranglers, or kitchen crew).


What Is Rhodes Grove Camp? Rhodes Grove is a quality camp and conference center located in south-central Pennsylvania.  It has a long-standing reputation for its sound Biblical teaching, creative opportunities, and high energy activities surrounded by a backdrop of ‘rustic’ charm. Whether accompanying a young child on campus (in the evenings) or dropping your child off for a week of overnight camp, you and your camper are sure to find Rhodes Grove just the beginning of a wonderful camping experience as well as an opportunity to meet new friends while growing in your knowledge of the Bible. To contact the campground directly, call 717.375.4162 or visit their website at


Earn Camp Credit! – All campers can earn credit to pay up to the total base fee to cover the cost to attend a week of camp!  If a camper chooses to purchase a camp video, camp picture and/or signs up for activities that require additional fees, those are the responsibility of the camper.  Also, for Specialty Camps (Horsemanship, Paintball, etc.) we will pay the base camp fee for their age group, and the outstanding balance will be the responsibility of the camper.


2022 Camp Dates:

There is still a possibility of attending summer camp this year.  For more details, click the desired link below.

Summer Teen Camps

Mini Day Camps

Equestrian Camp


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